We are men and women

who believe in Jesus Christ

The Bible is our guide, in which we set our faith. This faith we want to live and confess. We trust that God through the Holy Spirit will guide us to a correct understanding of the Bible and to do His will.

We preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, that promises to mankind a meaningful life, freedom from sin and peace with God and with men. We work together with Christians of other confessions and help where poverty and hunger prevail.

Because we are a small, diverse community, our atmosphere is warm and familiar and our life in community connects us. We are grateful that people encounter God in our community. Although God is sovereign, he uses our human nature to reach people.

As a free church (since 1920) we are independent from the state and fund our own expenses. We are part of the Swiss Confederation of Baptist Churches and are members of the Swiss Evangelical Alliance and the Association of Christian Churches in the canton of Aargau.